No need a caption

 There are days you just do not choose to feel black or white. 
Gray areas are always safe. 
I love it gray. 
You do not need to classify any feelings in gray.
You just feel what you want to feel and the way you want to feel.
This is one of those days.
Mixed up.
Not black. Not white.
Fully gray.
Gray in a cool, relaxing, tender way.
In a very loving way.
Today is one of those days.
I feel loved and I feel love.
I do feel my heart.
I own my own heart.
Some “good-bye”s are really fascinating.
You just cannot escape them. 
Yet they are so tender.
Covers you with gray areas.
You do not bleed in the sharpness of reality.
Because there is no reality in gray.
You know you will always be welcome when you come back. 
No force-field.
Yet so close. 
Even closer than your image in the mirror.
There is freedom. No obligations. No musts. 
You run in the same speed to the same direction.
This is the point you praise miracles. 
You feel the moment you live in.
So, thank you for this greatest feeling ever.
In blacks, in whites and in grays.



All by Zara minus the scarf. 



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